Angel Sakurai

From the early age of six years old when Angel Sakurai began his training in classical Piano and Organ, he has always had a special affinity for music. That special fondness was not limited to just classical music but also many other popular genre's like reggae, soul, dance, techno, and house music.
In the mid 1990's Angel began his D.J. career spinning at popular Tokyo nightclubs like Fai, Lust, Cave, Web, Maist, Gamos, Manuera Cafe, GoGo Lounge, La Fabrique Tokyo to name a few. Angel's radio D.J. activities included spinning at FM Shonan Napasa and a Kamakura FM radio program.
The year 2000 marked a notable point in his career, he was invited to participate in an album for Hemptone Inn Records. Angel produced the popular laid back track "Afternoon Gin" for the "Hemptone Inn Records VA 02" compilation album. Also in that same year, Angel released his debut album entitled "angel" in collaboration with "aor" fashion brand, popular in the young independent fashion scene.
Angel's next album "angel volume 2" was released in March, 2001. This second album, also in collaboration with the Fashion label AOR was an original T-shirt and CD set. Sold at popular fashionable Tokyo shops like United Arrows, Far East Irony, this CD and T-shirt set was very well received.
The Album's concept to create a cityscape soundtrack for different areas of the world special to Angel, Tokyo London, Paris, New York, and the Bali resort island, Legian. The ambient vibrations of the city and it's people, concrete or tropical, big or small.
2003, "Sexy Music" explores yet another aspect of the city. Keywords for this album are night, young
Love, and things sexy. Taking the influences of late 70's and 80's Black American Contemporary Urban Music and combining the moody downbeat with present day dance music, to express Angel's unique night atmosphere.
In the 2006, he was invited to participate in an album for Unity Records. Angel produced the deep and sexy track "Do What You Like" for the "SPIN:YELLOW" compilation album mixed by DJ Khadji, Unity Records A&R.
2013 Angel released digital album “Angel Vol.01” on iTunes store and Amazon all over the world.
On the other hand, Angel has started publishing Re-edit and remix singles on SoundCloud and Bandcamp since 2011.
Angel concentrates paticular time and earnestness to create the musical waves and special grooves that are so important to him in making his music. Although everyone may not find it to their taste, Angel enjoys making a special effort to entertain those who understand, enjoy, or appreciate his music.
「Cosmic Disco」on SoundCloud